Artist Coloring Books

Realistic coloring books for the serious crayon enthusiast! Even your older kids will enjoy this series. Line drawings of works by these famous artists are to be colored with pencil or crayon by your own young artists. Let them experiment with different media and techniques, or try to recreate the original then frame it in your learning space. Inside the front and back covers are color prints of the 22 paintings. Use these to recreate the masterpieces, or use your own colors and see how they compare to the original. In comparison to the Color Your Own Masterpieces collection, this set has a more simplistic outline of the original art. Color Your Own... is more detailed overall, but the series contains more books with compilations of multiple artists while this series offers more artist-specific books. I would say to choose by the artists or periods you want to study. Both brands are quite good. ~ Sara

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Item # 050399
Grades: PK-AD
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