Usborne Art Activity Cards

Hold 30 great works of art in the palm of your hand! Using the format of a deck of flashcards, these art cards are a fun and informative student learning activity. Color images of the art are on one side, while the other side tells kids stuff like the name of the artist, date and place it was painted, what materials were used, where is it now, what the artist was thinking as they were painting, and things for kids to look for that may not be initially obvious. Take A Sunday on la Grande Jatte by Parisian artist Georges Seurat for example. Did you know it is made of about 3.5 million colored dots and dashes? Or that if you look hard you will find a pet monkey, three dogs, and a tiny butterfly? How about that it took him two years to complete? Its home is at the Art Institute of Chicago, so those in the Midwest can incorporate a field trip to the city to see the real painting too! ~ Sara

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