Kings & Queens of Britain

Even after almost two and a half centuries of freedom from the Crown of England, Americans are still fascinated by the monarchy of Great Britain. Trying to quench our fascination can be difficult when trying to navigate the mountains of books on the topic. However, now there are compact and informative guides that give you all the information you want to know on the kings and queens of Britain. From when the Romans invaded the British Isles to the present age, all three books will give you the information you want on each ruler. For example, Kings & Queens of Ancient Britain covers the time of the Romans to Richard III. In the series Kings & Queens of Britain, you will find timelines and sections on respective royal customs pertaining to the time eras. One of the most important elements to studying royalty is understanding how the different families are related to each other, and for that reason, easy-to-follow family trees are included. The information on the monarchs is compact with over 200 visual images, interesting facts, achievements, and statistics on each monarch's life events, such as dates and places of birth and death. You will learn about King John (1167-1216) and his involvement with the Magna Carta, and that Macbeth (c. 1005-1057) from Shakespeare's namesake play was a real king of Scotland. Having traveled to Great Britain, I find this series a close second to learning about the monarchies! Pb. - John

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