True Books: Ancient Civilizations

These little books pack a punch! Each is only 7" x 8.5" and is full of colorful pictures and illustrations sure to capture your child's interest. The narrative is quite readable and informative. There are a couple of true/false questions at the beginning that challenge your child to make a guess at the answers. Tough vocabulary words are written phonetically in parentheses and clearly defined. For example, in the Ancient Mayan book they talk about carving pictures on stone using tools made of obsidian (uhb-SID-ee-uhn) or flint, a hard stone. The books also use the pronunciation help for words of specific languages like Odysseus (oh-DIH-see-us) in Ancient Greece and tlatoani (tla-toe-AHN-ee) which is what the Aztecs called their leaders. I like this because kids don't have to guess on how to pronounce these unfamiliar names. 48 pp, pb. ~Sara

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Grades: 2-4
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