BJU Press Grade 11 - United States History

A survey of American history from the discovery of the New World to the present. Discusses the underlying causes and issues behind events and warns against extremism and totalitarianism and views the solutions to those problems as spiritual, not merely political. The emphasis is on religions contribution to American heritage.

United States History 4th edition is for 11th grade, and is a comprehensive look at the events that shaped our nation from before Columbus (1488) to 2010; with a focus on causes of events, forces, and people. The 2-volume Teacher's Edition provides lesson plan overview, supplemental content, and ideas for additional activities along with the Toolkit CD (additional maps, documents, photos, and more). The Home School Kit includes Student Text, Teacher Edition w/ Toolkit CD, Student Activity Manual, Student Activity Manual Answer Key, Tests, and Tests Answer Key. The publisher suggests historical novels, Avery's Battlefield (#277137) and Avery's Crossroad (#278473) to learn more about the time periods.

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