Heritage Studies Grade 6 (3rd Ed.)

Now in 3rd edition, Heritage Studies 6 was revised in 2012. This is a broad overview of ancient world history and civilizations and includes Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Students will compare beliefs of different religions with Christianity and see how ancient civilizations influence the world today as critical thinking skills continue to develop. Content is divided into 165 lessons and there are three new chapters in the 3rd edition. Optional books that will complement the content of Heritage Studies 6 are A Sparrow Alone (#204785), Forbidden Gates (#257261), and Where I Belong (#257998). The Home School Kit includes Student Text, Teacher Edition w/ Toolkit CD (worksheets, visuals, maps, quizzes, rubrics, Student Activity Manual Answer Keys), Student Activity Manual, Tests, and Tests Answer Key.

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Grades: 6
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