Salt Water Fuel Cell Car Kits

Easy to assemble and impressively fast when running, this Matchbox®-sized car offers a fun exploration into salt water fuel cells. The kit contains plastic car parts, a motor, gears, shaft, eyedropper, air cathode, nonwoven fabric and a magnesium sheet. First you assemble the blue-and-white car (which goes together easily except for the wheels which, in my experience, required some filing to remove the plastic "burrs") then add the fuel cell and get ready for this little guy to take off! I was definitely impressed with how strongly it ran and how quick it was as it traversed the floor of our living room. Also available in a Monster Truck version with a transparent body and working insides. Wheels change position and the body has a twisted appearance so it can run on any type of terrain. Go forward or backward simply by switching the connectors. This truck can run up to 15 minutes on salt water drops. Fuel cells keep the vehicles running even longer - with up to 4 hours of "life." You can purchase a refill of five magnesium fuel cell sheets separately. - Jess

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Item # 051709
Grades: 5-AD
Retail: $6.95
Our Price: $1.90
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