iScience Readers

This series introduces science basics through science puzzles and hands-on activities. This is a leveled reader series that incorporates scientific inquiry and real-life situations to make science fun and interesting, while strengthening reasoning skills and knowledge of interesting science topics.

There are three levels in this series. Level A is for kindergarten through 2nd grade and each book is 24 pages in length including simple concepts and activities. Level B readers are 32 pages and Level C moves to more in depth concepts and are 48 pages. Each book begins with an iScience puzzle. This puzzle is a real-life dilemma solved by using science. The reader then goes through concepts and information that might be helpful in coming up with a puzzle solution. You're planning an outdoor event and there are clouds in the sky - will it rain? Do you look at the clouds, use a barometer, use a thermometer, or use a weather map? Before deciding, you must ask yourself some questions. I won't give away the answer, but the book will present the information concerning each possibility and then wrap it up by presenting the pros and cons of each solution. Discover Activities are hands-on activities found throughout each book; designed to help the reader observe and experience science. A section

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