Second Form Greek

After completing First Form Greek (and learning the proper alphabet) you are ready to move on to bigger and better things! This year is full of grammar. You will learn 3rd declension nouns, omega verbs, contract verbs, present middle-passive indicative, future middle indicative, aorist middle indicative, personal pronouns, demonstrative pronouns, interrogative & indefinite pronouns, relative pronouns, reflexive pronouns, the root aorist, prepositional phrases, aorist passive indicative, future passive indicative, present active & middle-passive infinitive, and the aorist infinitive. The appendix includes principal parts drill forms 1-3. Be sure to be confident and competent with your Greek alphabet for this level.

The Student Text has the content a student will use to complete the workbook activities. This level is grammar with occasional cultural paragraphs. It is a smaller format book at 7.5” x 9", 120pp, pb, and has useful appendix pages in the back with verb reference pages, a vocabulary index and more. The Student Workbook is your main resource for student learning (along with the text of course). There are 5 units, each with 5-9 lessons and a unit review. The workbook has 218pp, and is consumable, not reproducible. The spiral binding makes the pages lie flat as you work. The Teacher Manual (121pp, pb) has reduced student pages with directions for learners in the margins, including the recitations. In the front are lesson overviews for you explaining the various parts of the lessons and how to help your student through them. Appendices include verb reference charts and an English-Greek dictionary in the back. The Quizzes & Tests book is consumable and not reproducible, so each student should have their own copy. There is one quiz per lesson and a comprehensive unit test after every 5 lessons. Everything on the tests is fill in the blank. Pages are perforated. Your Teacher Key has all answers for both the student workbook and the quizzes & test book. DO NOT LOSE THIS BOOK! Spiral bound, pb. There are about 200 Flashcards in this deck measuring 2.5”x 3.5". They cover things like vocabulary words, sayings, and grammar forms. You see the word written in the Greek alphabet on one side, and the English translation on the other with the part of speech indicated very small in the corner. The Instructional DVD set has 5 discs with 8 hours total instruction. Each lecture takes about 10-20 minutes per lesson. There are also oral drills (again with the drills!) and some on-screen examples & charts. The instructor is Elizabeth Pierce. The Pronunciation CD is something you will use with all lessons (unless you are fluent in Greek yourself) that include all of the vocabulary, sayings, and grammar forms for each lesson. You will be glad you have it. Bundle SFGBSC includes: Student Text, Workbook, Teacher Manual, Teacher Key, Quizzes/Tests, Pronunciation CD and the Flashcards.

Here is what the authors recommend for scope and sequence of FFG. Year 1: The Greek Alphabet Book & Key (to be done at the same time as Second Form Latin) Items 050531 & 050532. Year 2: Begin memorizing the Greek grammar, some introductory syntax, and about 130 vocabulary words using FFG. Years 3-4: Complete the Greek grammar and continue building vocabulary via A Primer of Biblical Greek by Croy. Years 5+: Greek literature: the Septuagint and New Testament, Homer, Xenophon, etc. ~Sara

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