Einstein's Who, What, and Where

A very interesting way to build writing skills and reading comprehension. Each activity starts with a short story about an interesting person, place, or historical event. Some of the topics include Queen Elizabeth, the Great Wall of China, the printing of the Gutenberg Bible, Machu Picchu, women workers of World War II, Saint Petersburg, the death of Julius Caesar, laser eye surgery, the Forbidden City, and many more! Every 2-3 page story starts with a "thinker" question, and following the story are several skill building activities. These include answering questions from the story and underlining important ideas; working with words, such as prefixes, synonyms, defining words, etc.; short writing activities, including descriptions of people, and short stories on selected topics; and other various exercises working with analogies, word puzzles, idioms and more. Each book contains 15 lessons, and the teacher's guides offer teaching guidance, answers, and suggestions for extended activities. ~ Stephanie

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