American Literature (James Stobaugh Literature)

The History of Plimoth Plantation, The Navajo Origin Legend, The Iroquois Constitution, Religious Affections, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry's Speech in the Virginia Convention, The Declaration of Independence, Abigail Adams's Letter to her Daughter from the New White House, Thanatopsis, The Devil and Tom Walker, works by Edgar Allen Poe, The Scarlett Letter, Walden, Billy Budd, Negro Spirituals, The Gettysburg Address, I Will Fight No More Forever by Chief Joseph, The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Red Badge of Courage, Ethan Frome, A Farewell to Arms, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Unvanquished, The Pearl, The Emperor Jones, the Little Foxes, The Glass Menagerie, The Crucible, A Separate Peace, Cold Sassy Tree, The Chosen, and select poetry.

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