Sylvan Spelling Workbooks

Designed as a spelling supplement and not an actual spelling curriculum, these workbooks were written to build spelling skills and confidence using the Sylvan Learning Center's research-based step-by-step process. Frequent built-in review reinforces learning and helps build confidence in spellers. Each soft cover book is colorfully illustrated and contains approximately 120 pages.

Spelling Success workbooks are written directly to the child and are designed to be an independent activity. The answers are provided in a "Check It" strip that is provided within the actual textbook. Students are encouraged to cut out the strip prior to beginning the activity pages and at the end of each assignment, self check their answers. Syllabication, Homophones, and prefixes are all introduced in the third grade book. In fourth grade, these skills are expanded upon and suffixes and word roots are introduced. These skills are developed through a variety of activities including cross word puzzles, spelling grids and key word identification. ~ Deanne

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