Structure and Style for Students Level A

The SSS Level A courses are for students who are reading at a 3rd to 5th grade level. Video instruction and assignments over the two years comprise a basic introduction to writing skills. Focusing on the structure and style of writing, structure is covered with nine units on note making, outlines, writing/summarizing from notes, inventive writing, and essay writing. With the goal of producing interesting and appealing writing, stylistic elements include dress-ups for sentences, sentence openers and avoiding overused words. Each year covers and reviews basic units as well as expanding into new areas. Instruction is incremental and clear. Andrew Pudewa, the presenter, is humorous and entertaining while presenting with clarity and good organizational skills. Courses are easy-to-use and highly effective. Course components include a Teacher Manual, a Student Packet, Binder, and Videos; sold individually or in packages.

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Grades: 3-5
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