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Is it a trivia game or a memory game? Actually, it's both! This game consists of 55 US or 71 World game cards, a sand timer, and an eight-sided die. To play, the first player selects a card and turns over the ten-second timer. After studying the image on the front of the card for ten seconds, the first player rolls the dice and passes the card to the second player. The second player then reads the numbered question on the back of the card that corresponds to the rolled dice number. The questions test the player's ability to remember information from the card, such as state birds, capitals, flags, bordering states and countries, landmarks, and more. If the player gets the question right, they get to keep the card; if not, the card goes back into the game box. The player that has the most cards after ten minutes wins! ~ Lisa

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Grades: 3-AD
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