The box may say "Your Homework Helper" but don't underestimate its powers... a STUDYPOD is really more like "Your Right-hand Man" whether you're studying, using a computer, cooking, teaching, or doing anything else using a book! What looks at first glance like a plastic book itself transforms into the best bookholder we've ever seen - all with a few simple steps. First, pop the support stand out from the back of the box. Then, open up the "book," slide the locking pin across the middle, fold down the ledges at the bottom, and swing the wire page-holders out to the side. Then you're ready to set your book on the ledges, move the page holders into place, and appreciate how conveniently your book is displayed. Having seen several other gadgets of this type in our office, we had our doubts, so we immediately put it to the test holding everything from a digest-size paperback to the largest hardcover book we could lay our hands on. The result? Very satisfactory. Unlike bookholders that only work with heavy books that hold themselves open, this one easily displayed anything we set on it, thanks a large part to the adjustable page holders, which are brilliant for holding a lightweight paperback open and readable. If you don't want to keep your STUDYPOD out all the time, just reverse the steps, fold it back up, and put it in a drawer or on a shelf. You can even store small objects (calculators, pens, etc.) inside the STUDYPOD, thanks to a small mesh pocket attached inside. But don't just take my glowing recommendation - this is a product that has not only been used in our office, but our employees have purchased for their children and friends as well! - Jess

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Grades: 4-AD
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