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Have you ever traveled to a beautiful National Park only to be disappointed at the amount of evolutionary content in the guide information? Master Books has created 3 gorgeous books that thoroughly take you through the parks mentioned. From the very beginning of the text, you get the Young Earth worldview. Pastor Don Landis (Chairman of the Board, Answers in Genesis) introduces Yellowstone, Dr. John Morris (President of the Institute for Creation Research) does the foreword on Zion and Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Canyon is introduced by Ken Ham (President of Answers in Genesis). You read about and see evidence that is consistent with what the Bible teaches about a global flood just a few thousand years ago. The full-color photos are just stunning and really made me want to see these places in person! The books themselves are hard cover with an inside spiral binding. You don't have to be planning a trip to use these books in your history, geography or social studies curriculum, or reinforce a Bible lesson with pictures. Hc, 190pp. ~Sara

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