Greek for Children (Gr. 3-6)

If a well-organized course of study isn't enough to keep your children interested in Greek, then just add the clever Greek Alphabet Critters peaking out from every page in the text and that will do it! Each Critter represents the opportunity to "find" and identify the uppercase or lowercase Greek letters that provide body parts. This is obviously just the start of a program designed to introduce young students to Greek and encourage proficiency through the use of classical methodologies (i.e. chants, grammar, and vocabulary). It's also easy to use. Instruction is clearly delivered in bite-size pieces, reinforced, and reviewed. Providing instruction in Koine Greek (NT pronunciation), Primer A covers the Greek alphabet, verbs (present, imperfect, future tenses, "being"), nouns (first and second declension; accusative, dative, and genitive cases), adjectives (first and second declension), sentence patterns, and prepositions.

The Text (consumable worktext) provides 33 lessons (29 chapter lessons and four introductory lessons on the Greek alphabet) - one lesson per week. Although the alphabet instruction is thorough, the use of the Greek Alphabet Code Cracker by the same publisher is recommended for additional review and repetition. Each chapter lesson starts with a Memory Page that includes a Bible verse written in Greek with pronunciation and translation, chants and vocabulary review. The Grammar Page provides instruction and is followed by the Worksheet Page that includes translation, chants, grammar, and derivatives before ending the chapter with a Quiz Page that includes the same. By the way, these "Pages" are usually multiple pages long. Every fourth chapter is review. Although not labeled as appendices, there are reference charts (parts of speech), and glossaries (by chapter and by alphabet) in the back of the text. The Answer Key provides all student pages (full size) with answers filled in.

What makes this course so easy on the parent/teacher is the professionally done DVDs and Chant CD. The DVDs (five of them) provide lesson by lesson instruction through the course. The format is simple: instructor explaining, utilizing a whiteboard for greater illustration. Repetition in the form of chants is done by a group of students in the background (you never see them). The Chant CD is audio only and provides a chanting chorus that makes the homeschooling student feel not quite so alone as he chants through his Greek grammar.

The Primer A Bundle includes the text, answer key, DVDs and CD. As with other material from this publisher (Latin for Children, Latin Alive!), this course is well-organized, user-friendly, confidently and competently taught. Text - 289 pgs, pb. ~ Janice

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