Answers Book for Kids Series

Ken Ham and his team saw the need for information about the Bible for the younger crowd and wrote this series based on the questions they ask. Each of the 4 volumes addresses questions from kids by topic in this order: Creation and the Fall; Dinosaurs and the flood of Noah; God and the Bible; and Sin; Salvation; and the Christian Life. These little books are simply written to appeal to ages 6-12. The first page of each 2-page spread presents a question in a child's printing along with the age and name of the person asking the question. The second page offers Scripture and the answer composed by the authors. Colorful photos and illustrations are found on every page and each hardcover book includes 22 questions. These books will help strengthen your child's faith and give answers to many of their important questions concerning the Bible.

Now a teacher guide is available for this series that will help you use the book as a curriculum in apologetics. The Teacher Guide includes student worksheets, lesson schedule, quizzes, and answer keys. Pages can be copied for family use and small classrooms of ten or less. The Teacher Guide suggests 30 - 45 minutes per lesson, four days per week, and a 36-week schedule is suggested.

For convenience, there is an Elementary Apologetics set that includes all six of the Answers Books for Kids and Teacher Guide. ~ Donna

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