Power Pen Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is usually practiced in a workbook. Students read a passage and answer questions. While this works for a lot of kiddos, some need a little something different. Something livelier and more interesting is needed to get them practicing reading. Make learning fun and get instant feedback (making this an independent activity) from the Power Pen! It looks a little like a flashlight. When your student places the tip of the pen on the correct answer on a Power Pen Learning Card, they hear a "Hooray!" or a "Yahoo!" If they are wrong, they are encouragingly redirected. Three volume levels on the pen include voice, sound and light effects. Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). The card sets include 53 (8" x 5") double-sided cards, instructions and an answer key. Please note that the Power Pen is not included with the cards; it is a separate purchase. Each card has a reading passage on one side and 4 multiple-choice questions on the other. Skills include using words in context/vocabulary, finding main ideas/details, identifying sequence, making inferences/predictions, analyzing/comparing info, integrating knowledge, understanding author's purpose, and noting conditions. ~ Sara

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