BJU Press Math Grade 2 (3rd Ed.)

Digit, Cecilia/Matt and Paddy guide students through their math lessons. Children learn addition and subtraction facts up through 4 digits; place value of four-digits; introduction to division; fractions in measurement; a.m./p.m. and noon/midnight; more practice with elapsed time; introduction to circle graph; plane figures: pentagon, hexagon, oval; slides, flips & turns; edges, vertex and curves of solid figures; horizontal, vertical, parallel and intersecting lines; and includes extra problem-solving pages. The updated student worktext has a review section in each lesson, as well as chapter and cumulative reviews. The Teacher's Edition has a 2-page spread per lesson and an easy-to-follow, bulleted format with answers printed in magenta. A Toolkit CD is included in the Teacher's Edition which contains re-teaching pages (replacing "Spread Your Wings"); fact reviews; reproducible pages replacing the Home Teacher Packet; Teacher's visual packet which can be used on the computer screen or printed; and the answer key for Math 2 Reviews. Math 2 Reviews workbook has 2 pages per lesson, chapter reviews, and cumulative review. In lesson and chapter reviews, the front page reviews concepts from that day's lesson. The back page reviews a previous chapter concept and has a fact review, making a good study guide for tests. The front page of the cumulative review covers concepts from previous chapter concepts, and the back page reviews facts. Overall Bob Jones has made some appealing changes in this program. ~ Donna

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