D'Nealian Handwriting - 2008 Edition

This series is an updated version of an old favorite. The D'Nealian handwriting method seeks to make the transition from manuscript to cursive easier by adding a slant to the manuscript print, and more similarity in the letter strokes between manuscript and cursive with less flourishes in general. The kindergarten book includes a section on correct sitting position and starts with readiness skills. Letters are first finger-traced, then copied. Numbers, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters (in that order) are introduced and practiced. Books progress sequentially through letter formation, word formation, and then sentence formation with special writing projects included (for instance, ordinal numbers, timed writing, addresses, postcards, and calligraphy in the Grade 6 book). Lessons typically include a review of letter formation, practice, review, evaluation, and editing. All of the grade level worktexts are consumable and in full color. The black and white ABC book is a supplementary practice and color book that could be used any time between kindergarten and second grade. K book is 168 pgs; the others are about 95 pgs; all pb. ~ Janice

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