Breadwinner Trilogy

Parvana, a young girl living in Afghanistan, hates what has happened to her country in recent years. Ever since the Taliban took over, she is not allowed to go to school, or even be outside, without a good reason. Parvana's story begins in Breadwinner, where she risks extreme punishment by dressing up like a boy to support her family. In Parvana's Journey, Parvana, who has been separated from her family, searches for her family members in refugee camps. The last book features Parvana's friend, Shauzia, who struggles with life in a refugee camp in Pakistan. These books are not only page-turners, but also allow us a unique look at the life of Afghan women and the culture they live in t. By Deborah Ellis, pb. Please note that the second and third books are available on our website.- Jess

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