Rainbow Economy Starter Packages (with Christian Content)

For our Economy packages we've gathered our most economical programs that are likewise strong academically. Many of these are from conservative Christian publishers. They tend to be black and white or minimal color but are straight-forward and easy to use. The exception is the history and science courses from Christian Liberty Press which have some color and engaging graphics. The English program and the reading program are both from Amish publishers and the stories and illustrations reflect their rural lifestyle.

We've included Math Mammoth in some of these packages because it is a strong, inexpensive program that allows the student to work somewhat independently. Please note that Math Mammoth is topically aligned to state and national standards including CCSS.

You can follow links below the package graphics for complete reviews of each of the included products.

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Grades: K
Retail: $172.80
Our Price: $106.95
Item # RBW1EC
Grades: 1
Retail: $209.64
Our Price: $159.75
Item # RBW3EC
Grades: 3
Retail: $186.44
Our Price: $142.95
Item # RBW4EC
Grades: 4
Retail: $157.58
Our Price: $122.75
Item # RBW5EC
Grades: 5
Retail: $160.23
Our Price: $123.95
Item # RBW6EC
Grades: 6
Retail: $168.93
Our Price: $129.50
Item # RBW7EC
Grades: 7
Retail: $157.04
Our Price: $128.50
Item # RBW8EC
Grades: 8
Retail: $198.59
Our Price: $171.50
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