Veritas Phonics K

Theres a lot to like in this museum-themed program. It is very thorough and covers the phonetic constructs from basic letter sounds to silent consonants and everything in between. The student books are actually thicker than the teacher manuals and are chock full of useful, well-conceived activities to teach phonics skills. Handwriting (DNealian-style) is included and instructions for forming each letter are in the teachers manual. Hollow letters are supplied in which children write, which is a sensible approach that gives young children boundaries until good writing habits are formed. Both printed and cursive forms of the letters are introduced right from the beginning. The Primers are real books, many about real people, places and events, not just silly stories for phonics practice. The eight Kindergarten Primers, for example, are stories about Pan (Greek god), St. Patrick, the Pilgrims trip on the Mayflower, and more. These books are well constructed with nice, glossy covers and colorful illustrations; in fact, all of the components of the program are impressive in quality.Another facet of the program I think parents will appreciate is the incorporation of real art activities for students to complete, correlated to the instruction. In Level K students make apple prints when learning the letter A, construct a monster mask for M, make butter for B, and so on.

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