Teach Me Automation

All aspects of the world are becoming more technical, so our curriculum choices should prepare students to contribute in this area. Instructor Tim Whalen took this challenge to heart. With his professional background in automation and technology, and his desire to glorify God, Tim put together this course to give students a solid introduction to automation. Wide-ranging in its presentation, it covers electrical, pneumatic, mechanical and hydraulic systems used in homes, factories, buildings and stores. Tim also ties the underlying engineering principles of physics and chemistry to these systems. Algebra 1 is a prerequisite. The same course is available in two formats – online or a set of 19 DVDs with downloadable parent & student guides. The eight lessons are presented in 28 lectures. A lab kit for use with the lab activities is also included with both DVD and online formats. Since this is a real high school elective, a final exam and quizzes are included. Additional final exams for more than one student taking the course are also available (at extra cost). The course appears to be well-designed, interesting, and visually appealing. The program will certainly encourage students with interests in technical fields.

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