Dogs of World War II Series

Young readers will enjoy this historical fiction series, particularly if they are dog lovers. At the heart of each of these books is the special bond between a dog and a young person during the WWII era. The series examines life on the home front from a variety of situations and perspectives, from racism endured by Japanese-Americans to the specialized talents of Navajo Code Talkers. Readers will find many details about attitudes and events of the time, such as the growing of Victory Gardens and the purchasing of war stamp bonds. The dogs in each story help the protagonists cope with the many changes in their lives, such as having a family member sent off to war or being forced into an internment camp. Each book has a section at the end where the author discusses the real-life details of the situations in the story. Engaging books on their own, these would also make a nice supplement for those who are studying the WWII era in the U.S., especially for kids who love animals or are reluctant students of history. Books in the series are separate stories and are in no particular order.

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