Physical Science Workbooks

Science well taught centers on hands-on activities and real life experiences. This easy to implement workbook series provides a variety of activities focused on the physical science that is all around us. Each lesson starts with a question to explore or explanation of a concept and worksheets guide students through the whole process with step-by-step instructions, helpful pictures and diagrams, and blanks and charts for recording answers and observations. Most experiments use commonly found items although there are occasional technical items needed -for example a decibel meter in grade 4 (although most activities can be adapted). Assessment rubrics, teaching notes and tips - including suggestions for slower and faster learners, and reproducible worksheets were written with classroom use in mind, but this a valuable resource whether you have many students or just one (though you may have to make minor adaptations.) Homeschooling parents may also find it a perfect supplement to living books or textbooks lacking hands on activities. Over 40 activities in each book. Black and White Illustrations. Guided answers are included in the teaching notes. Reproducible for classroom use. 96 pgs, pb ~Deanne

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