Writing Our Catholic Faith

Simultaneously provide incremental instruction for multiple grades in the Universal Handwriting method and important Catholic doctrine. Grades PK-2 will highlight church-related images and words. PK levels develop motor skills and introduce basic strokes and letters. A supplemental coloring book, Coloring is Learning, reinforces letters and concepts. From Grade K, book covers use traditional illustrations of key moments in Jesus’ earthly ministry. Students refine manuscript skills through grade 2. Cursive can begin with 2MC or after a second year of manuscript (2M), starting in grade 3. Using portrait format, Grades 3-5 increase length and amount of religious passages, including Scripture and teachings. Grades 6 through 8 each begin with cursive review, individually practicing letters within larger passages. These levels simultaneously instruct cursive and provide a wealth of Catholic doctrine and history, dovetailing nicely with your religious instruction. Nonreproducible, pages vary. Pb. ~ Ruth

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