Five Crowns

Another fantastic game by Set Enterprises! Adding a fifth suit to a deck of playing cards, the star, brings a new dimension to playing cards. The game is made up of 11 hands. Similar to rummy, you may lay down sets of three, called books, or runs of three or more cards. There's a twist to the game, though - in the first round, you get three cards, in the next round four, etc., all the way to the 11th round, in which you get 13 cards. When a player plays his last cards, each other player has one more turn to play. For 2-7 players.

The mini round version of this game provides an option for quick play for 2 to 4 players. The deck has only 58 cards (half as many as the full size game), and you can finish a game in about 15 minutes. The same Five Crowns fun, but in a mini version. ~ Steph

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