Silas Marner

When Silas Marner is framed by his best friend and wrongly accused of theft, he also loses the girl he loves to that same man. Heartbroken and grieved, the weaver moves to a new town and becomes a recluse, transferring his affections to the gold he receives and hoards in return for his work. After living in bitter solitude for many years, his life is changed when he becomes the guardian of Eppie, a cheery little orphan girl who shows him love and hope again.

This unabridged classic by George Eliot is available in a few editions. The Dover Thrift Edition is an unabridged but slightly corrected republication of the first edition and is 152 pgs, pb. The Signet Classics Edition, which has an introduction by Frederick R. Karl, is 184 pgs, pb.

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