Introduction to Logic

Written by a Christian astrophysicist, this course is a philosophical and Biblical approach to logic, emphasizing informal fallacies. Rather than focusing on structuring an argument, this course focuses on the principles of correct reasoning. Written to the student, the Student Text grounds itself with the belief that there is a Biblical rationale to studying, that to think logically is to think like God, and that faith and reason go hand in hand. The book's first half builds a solid foundation by defining logic, then touches on key logic concepts, and then finally teaches 35 informal fallacies, divided by type: presumption, ambiguity, and relevance. Assignments include worksheets, assessments, and learning vocabulary using index cards. The student text highlights and defines each chapter's key terms. The consumable Teacher Guide includes a weekly schedule with space for recording, student worksheets, quiz and test answer keys. Reproducible for family use. Solid individually or as a set. A solid logic overview course rooted in Biblical foundations.

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