Logo Adventures

Do you have a child who is very interested in computers but isn't old enough to tackle the challenges of Computer Science Pure and Simple? If so, Logo Adventures is a great way to acquaint them with simple programming and the Logo language they'll encounter again in Computer Science Pure and Simple. It contains 26 lessons that may require some adult help, depending on the age of the students. Like its counterparts, this guide acts as a lab manual and is written directly to the student. The book walks student through the lessons before giving them exercises to complete based on their knowledge. Because this is written for younger children, no variables have been included and there quite a bit of repetition. Please note that the course is available in two versions: one which uses Terrapin Logo software and one which uses MicroWorlds EX (the same software used in Computer Science Pure and Simple). We offer both versions of the manual, both software programs as well as packages with the manual and the software bundled together. If you are planning on continuing your journey into programming with Computer Science Pure and Simple, you may want to opt for the MicroWorlds version or package, since you will be continuing to use that software. If you are not sure, the Terrapin Logo version may be a good choice, as the software comes with terrific reference and tutorial information, which you don't get with MicroWorlds. Terrapin Logo also seems to be a more widely-used version of Logo software. - Jess

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Grades: 5-8
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