Drawing America's Sights and Symbols Series

These unique activity books let students learn about the symbols and features of each state by drawing them! Each lesson focuses on a particular symbol, or important state object, like an outline of the state, state seal, flag, flower, bird, landmarks, and much more. Each lesson consists of an informational piece about the symbol or object, with a photo or picture included. The opposite page features step-by-step drawing instructions for student to recreate their own, starting with simple shapes and building onward. For example, in our sample copy, Illinois, students follow the simple step-by-step directions to sketch the Illinois outline, the state flag and seal, a violet, a white oak, Fort de Chartres, the Sears Tower and several others. Each book also includes a list of state facts, a glossary, suggested web sites, and additional extension activities that can be used with the book. Children will get up-close and personal with important symbols from each state as they learn about and draw them, too! - Jess

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