Story of the Middle Ages

The aim of this history book is to help young elementary students understand their own history. Since many Americans are of European descent, studying European history will provide a starting point for these students to understand their own history. Although the title suggests study of the Middle Ages, the book covers a greater date range than this term usually denotes, with chapters that cover the Roman Empire through the late 1500’s. Starting with the Romans and the beginning of Christianity, chapters include discussions of the Franks and Charlemagne, the Vikings, the Britons, life in a castle and village, the Crusades, the Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation, and exploration of the world. Text is primarily factual, but told in an interesting manner. Chapters are about ten pages in length and include black-and-white and one-color illustrations. A chapter summary lists important points, and review questions are listed to test comprehension. Another great value from Christian Liberty Press.

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