Friendly Physical Science

Taking a hands-on approach, this program allows students to creatively apply what they learn to the lessons. Using “friendly” language with clear explanations and approachable textual information, lessons are designed for student independence with parental oversight for projects and hands-on activities. Hands-on activities and projects use easily found resources. Twenty two lessons cover measurement, volume, mass, density, buoyancy, energy, time and speed, Newton’s Law of Motions, magnetism, electricity, electromagnetism, light, sound, heat energy, and basic chemistry. Lessons will take 1.5-2 hours to complete, and include a design engineering project that may take 1-2 weeks to complete. The design projects are strongly encouraged, but it is possible to complete the course without these. Along with the textbook, a Student Workbook and a Test/Solutions Book are available. The student workbook provides 1-2 worksheets per lesson. Questions review lesson concepts and are fill-in-the-blank and/ or multiple choice. The Test/Solutions book includes one multiple choice test per lesson. It also includes the solutions to the Tests and Student Worksheets.

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