Profiles from History (Geography Matters)

Most of us know that Captain Cook explored Australia, New Zealand and the Hawaiian Islands. But did you know that it was his hard work studying math, navigation and astronomy that won him the recognition to be sent on those expeditions? These engaging books are full of little tidbits like that, with a focus on the character of famous individuals, not just their accomplishments. The lives of twenty famous individuals are examined in each book. Volume 1 emphasizes explorers, inventors, artists, musicians, and statesmen, while Volume 2 focuses on American heroes. Volume 3 features influential American leaders including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Helen Keller. Each profile also features discussion questions, extension activities, word puzzles and timelines that put the individual's life in perspective to other events of the time. Although required resources for the Trail Guide to Learning curriculum, you could use this with many other history studies or independently. Written by Ashley Wiggers. 200+ pgs each, pb. Reproducible for family use. - Jess

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