Mystery of History Vol. 3 Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations

Volume III is a hardcover text with information divided into semesters, then weeks, and then into three lessons for each of 28 weeks. Scattered throughout the book are beautiful full-color illustrations and photos on semi-glossy bordered pages. The student pages, quizzes, and activities, etc. are not found in this text. These are found in the Companion Guide only.

Volume 3 picks up where Volume 2 leaves off. It begins at 1455 AD and goes through 1707 AD. Watch history unfold around the world during that time period, and see how events fit together. You'll meet rulers, painters, sculptors, scientists, and philosophers. History is presented in small, digestible pieces as you learn about the Renaissance and Reformation in Europe, dynasties in India, native Australians, and the Tokugawa family in Japan. You will understand events in light of the times in which they happened. Best of all, the author shows the role of God throughout history.

A printed Companion Guide is also available to purchase for those preferring a physical copy. Information to access the digital component is included on a separate card included in the textbook. Shrink wrapped.

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