Electronic Snap Circuit Basic Sets

These easy-to-use circuit kits are composed of over 30 easy to snap "blocks" of all necessary electronic components. An impressive number of projects can be made using these parts, including an electric light, a sound activated switch, lamp and fan, two-speed fan, laser "gun." police siren, clap sounds, blinking double flashlight, motor sounds, strobe lights, motor-controlled lamp, lamp/speaker/fan in parallel, pencil alarm, touch motor, bomb sound, simple water alarm, and many, many more projects and games. Each project is listed in the booklet, and featured in a half-page layout which includes a full-color diagram of the finished setup, objective, and directions. The parts are all labeled on the diagram, making it easy to set up the project, and the directions include an explanation of how the circuit works, so maybe after the thrill of creating their own laser "gun" or water alarm wears off, they'll come back and actually figure out how it works. A fairly detailed orientation to the parts in the kit and their functions, safety guidelines, parts checklist and a troubleshooting guide are all included at the beginning, so students can complete the projects safely - and get a lot more from the kit than just "making cool stuff." Looking back from beyond college, I definitely recommend any child looking to the science route in college to play around a bit with one of these kits - it honestly does make understanding circuits and charges at the college level a little easier. This is definitely too fun to be "science!" A Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products Winner. - Jess

!CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not <3yrs.

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