Total Health: Choices for a Winning Lifestyle

Total Health encompasses all facets of health (spiritual, physical, mental, and social) written from a Christian perspective. Three components are available: teacher edition, student book, and test/quiz book. Content is on the conservative side. Little space is wasted on drug abuse or reproduction; the book tends to accentuate the positives, such as health, fitness, and nutrition. Medical discussions take a down-the-middle approach and assume you will visit a M.D., not a homeopath. Dating is considered acceptable, although group dating is encouraged. Above all, our relationship with God is given high priority, making this a "healthy" alternative to some secular counterparts.

The student text is softcover and includes the reading material, as well as end-of-chapter questions, explanation questions, discussion questions and suggested activities. The teachers edition includes topics to discuss each lesson, lists of additional resources, worksheets, activities, and more. Please note the supplemental materials CD is not included in the teacher edition anymore, it is now available online. Student and teacher (with answers) versions of the worksheets are included in the teachers edition. The test/quiz book contains tests and quizzes for each chapter, both with and without answers, for easy correction. The test/quiz book is not reproducible.

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