Drawn Into the Heart of Reading

A reading program with lots of flexibility: use for multiple ages for multiple years, with the recommended or personally selected literature, in units ordered by your choosing, with either teacher-directed or independent activities of your selection. The program provides recommended reading lists organized by reading level and gender preference. However, the activities and instructions can be used with any literature. Each level will study biography, adventure, historical and realistic fiction, fantasy, mystery, folk tale, nonfiction, and humor. Daily plans are divided into 3 levels of instruction. Each level divides into nine units which teach literary elements (character, setting, problem or conflict, mood, prediction and inference, comparison/contrast, cause/effect, main idea/theme, perspective, and point of view. These are taught through a variety of methods including pre-reading activities, guided literature discussions, creative projects, evaluating characters' actions in terms of Godly character traits, and more.

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