Exploring Creation with Marine Biology 1st Ed.

If your high school student has completed a first-year biology course, and has an interest in marine biology, Apologia now has a course for you! Exploring Creation with Marine Biology focuses exclusively on marine biology and marine habitats, from microscopic creatures to the big fish that eat the little fish. Eight modules cover all aspects of life in the sea, including oceans, how life sustains itself in the ocean environment, sea-dwelling organisms from kingdoms Monera, Protista, Fungi, and Plantae, marine invertebrates, marine vertebrates, and marine ecology. The course is fairly advanced, and should not be completed unless Exploring Creation with Biology, or an equivalent biology course has been completed. Dissections are also done in this course, with subjects including a clam, starfish, and a dogfish shark. Like other Apologia books, the set consists of a hardcover student text and a softcover test and solutions book. The text contains student text, "On Your Own" questions, lab exercises, and study guides for each module. The solutions and test manual contains tests, test solutions, and answers to each module's study guide questions.

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