MCP Plaid Phonics - 2011 Edition

With the 2011 edition of Plaid Phonics, the Modern Curriculum Press (MCP) name is gone only "Pearson" is left. The phonics content, however, is unchanged (yay!). The print is slightly bolder; colors are also slightly bolder. The cover has updated graphics and although many of the internal graphics are changed they are essentially the same (i.e. a cow picture is a different one but it's still a cow). Homeschool Bundles are now available for this edition, which includes the student and teacher's edition packaged together at a discount.

Instruction moves from letter recognition in the K level, to alphabetizing, syllabication, and dictionary skills in the upper levels. Built-in review of previously learned skills within books helps student master concepts. They also contain some pages in "standardized test format," so you get a little test preparation as a bonus. There is considerable overlap between levels, allowing you to jump in anywhere in the program. At each level, there is a consumable Student Workbook and a Teacher Resource Book. Student Workbooks are in full-color and include basic instructions on each page. Units are broken down into lessons with the suggestion of completing 3-6 lessons per week. Although you can use the workbooks as stand-alone supplementation and reinforcement, the Teacher Resource Guides contain complete teaching information to use this as a phonics program. Teacher Resource Guides are spiral-bound and include: pre-tests and post-tests, lesson plans, teaching information, suggested activities, and noted cross-curriculum connections. Homeschool Bundles include both the student and teacher's edition.

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