Grammar Builder (Study Smart)

 A pick-up-and-go practice and review workbook series for grade level grammar skills. Each workbook provides explanations of grammar rules, systematically presenting the rules and increasing the complexity as the series progresses (for example, the Grade 1 book covers nouns and verbs and basic sentence structure while by Grade 6 there is complete coverage of all parts of speech including more advanced concepts such as gerunds, voice, and modal verbs). After each brief explanation, there is an example followed by several sets of exercises designed to provide practice and review. Each section's coverage ends with an assessment, and the entire book concludes with a "revision" section that serves both as a complete workbook review and an opportunity for the teacher to assess the student's grasp of the book's material. Like other workbooks in the Study Smart series, these workbooks are useful for reinforcing instruction and practice. 80-120 pgs pb ~ Janice

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