Sassafras Astronomy

Follow the Sassafras twins on an “out of this world” adventure with this one semester course that covers the planets (includes dwarf planets), the Earth’s sun, the moon and lunar cycles, asteroids, black holes and comets, stars and constellations, galaxies and our solar system, telescopes, space probes, satellites, rockets, and the space shuttle. Numerous living book suggestions are included in the Guide. Scheduled within the lessons are the following encyclopedia resources: Basher Science Astronomy (item #002707) for 1st-2nd grade, theUsborne Children’s Encyclopedia (item #028433) and DK First Space Encyclopedia (item 044361) for grades 2-4, and the Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia (item #010198) for grade 4-6. (Please note these grade levels are simply general recommendations, families can choose one or more of these resources that best fit their individual family). Quizzes and activity sheets are included in the appendix, which are reproducible for your immediate family. Four day per week schedule, with suggested optional activities, which provides families flexibility. ~Deanne

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