Novare Accelerated Studies Physics & Chem

This Novare science course is intended as an alternative to Novare Physical Science. Accelerated Studies in Physics & Chemistry is an introductory course for students who are more motivated and leaning toward honors-level studies. The math pre-requisite is to have completed Algebra 1 and presently taking geometry. Students will encounter math concepts such as scientific notation, unit conversions, metric prefixes, solving for an unknown variable, and significant digits. There are 6 experiments, with extensive notes, found in the appendices at the back of the text. Other experiment resources are mentioned in the front of the book, but they are only if you want more information. With plenty of explanation, illustrations, graphs, charts, students will work toward mastery of the basics for physics and chemistry.

The Student Text includes an introduction that you will want to read carefully, all lesson information, glossary, and appendices of reference data, equations and objectives, experiments, scientist’s perspectives, unit conversions tutorial, making accurate measurements, and references. 425 pgs, h/c.

Novare employs a mastery approach to learning science where students are taught how to learn, master, and retain what they learn. A curriculum that uses this approach covers fewer topics and covers them more deeply. This text also integrates learning by combining skills in the areas of science, math, science history, and English language usage. This text is written from a Biblical worldview and seeks to help students see God’s work in the world. Though designed from a creationist perspective, the author holds to the view that the world is billions of years old and believes there is evidence for such.

The Solutions Manual has the fully written solutions for every computational problem in the text.

The Student Lab Report Handbook (#047300) is recommended for writing full lab reports. ~ Donna

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