Sentence Diagramming (Critical Thinking Company)

Students learn critical thinking, organizational skills, and much more with sentence diagramming. A student in third through twelfth grade can start diagramming with this. A Critical Thinking Press series, Sentence Diagramming begins with simple subject-verb sentences but progresses to complex sentences. Each lesson explains the grammar and demonstrates diagramming. First, students must correct incorrect diagramming. Then students diagram sentences using the lines provided, making it an easy process to learn. Finally, the student is given a sentence and they must provide the diagramming and the lines. Review and answers are provided at the end.

The Beginning level covers simple subject and verbs; direct object; adjectives; adverbs; predicate adjectives; predicate nouns; prepositional phrases; compound subjects; predicates; direct objects; and predicate adjectives and nouns. Level 1 works on compound predicates with direct objects; imperative and interrogative sentences; indirect object; adverbial nouns; interjections and direct address; intensifiers; linking verbs; predicate adjectives; appositives; correlative conjunctions; prepositional phrases; and compound sentences. Level 2 covers appositive phrases; objective complements; gerund phrases; participle phrases; infinitive used as nouns; infinitive phrases; noun clauses; adjective clauses; adverbial clauses; comparisons; and compound-complex sentences. Reproducible for classroom use. Each book is approx 68 pp, sc. ~ Ruth

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