Poetry, Prose & Drama Book 2: Elizabethan to Neoclassical

Book includes literature selections to be studied - English Renaissance, early 17th century, Puritan writers, Restoration period, and Neoclassical.

Study is more involved with these sections: Pre-Grammar (prepare to think about the poem); Grammar/Presentation (discover essential facts, elements, and features of the poem through the reading notes, defining words, and comprehension questions); Logic/Dialectic (sort, arrange, compare, and connect ideas - begin to uncover and determine the Central One Idea); and Rhetoric/Expression (express in own words the Central One Idea with supporting points).

Now in its 3rd edition, the Student Book is smaller format (6 x 9) and contains all exercises for the student, intended to be completed in a separate notebook. Teacher Guide contains student pages with answer keys and notes in the margins. Quizzes, exams and answers for both are provided at the end of the Teacher Guide.

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Grades: 9-12
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