Pepper Mint Adventures

Engineering and science. It's what makes the world work! Pepper Mint, an eleven-year-old girl, loves figuring out how things work and making inventions large and small. Join her on her many adventures and follow her challenges to build useful contraptions. Along the way, learn about the principles of physics, what makes machinery work, and engineering. In each kit, Pepper sets off on a new journey - maybe into the jungle, maybe into the sea - and creates or uses systems that you build. For instance, in the Underwater Science Voyage Kit, she must build a hydraulic powered crane when the electricity on her ship goes out. After you make the system with her, the manual explains the principles behind the machine (like how force is transferred with water), how it works, and encourages you to experiment with design. A fun, hands-on way to learn about and explore physics and engineering principles. - Janine

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Item # 073722
Grades: 3-AD
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