Usborne Introduction to the World Wars

These are by far the most interesting World War reference books I have ever seen! Each of the fabulous 8¾" x 11" hardcover books is positively brimming with fascinating facts about the people, places, weapons, aircraft and artillery of World Wars I and II. Bold, dramatic photographs splashed about the pages in brilliant graphic layouts will keep you absolutely riveted from cover to cover. Brightly colored maps sprinkled throughout the books provide geological perspective as you study various battles and events. The maps are color-coded consistently throughout the books, making it possible to tell at a glance which areas belonged to the Central Powers in WWI and Axis Powers in WWII, which belonged to the Allied Powers, and which remained neutral. Helpful Internet links appear at frequent intervals, inviting you to visit an Usborne website hosting links to web pages providing source document transcriptions, video, virtual tours, and many other resources offering additional information on the featured subject. The Introduction to WW I book is 148 pgs, and while Introduction to WW II is out of print, the combined Volume has 255 pgs and is almost a page-for-page compilation of the separate volumes. ~ Rachel P.

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