Foxtail Sport Balls

The rules are simple. Your player grabs the foxtail and gives the ball a spin and toss. The closer to the ball you catch it, the more points you’ll receive. Don’t grab the ball or you’ll receive 0 points! For scoring ease, the Foxtail measures approximately 33” long and is clearly sectioned off by color with an easily viewable point system. A great activity for developing hand-eye coordination, but more importantly, a game your entire family will enjoy!

Softie features a larger soft mesh ball safer for little ones, while the Sport features a genuine leather softball for higher and further throwing. ~ Deanne

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Item # 063655
Grades: PK-AD
Our Price: $17.95
Item # 075211
Grades: 3-AD
Our Price: $19.96
Item # 070090
Grades: 3-AD
Our Price: $15.96
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